Hi Richard,

The box arrived this morning. It had significant damage from poor packing methods and rough-handling during shipping.

When shipping electronic test equipment, it is a good idea to put warning labels on the box that say, “Fragile”, “Do Not Drop” or “Do Not Drop or Throw” along with the “this side up” arrows.  No such labels were on the box, and the shipper was plenty rough on it and damage resulted.

For best results packing material should be snug around the equipment within the box to limit the secondary collision when/if the box is bumped or dropped. The packing in this box was a few pieces of Styrofoam slipped in around the test kit. More packing material may have limited the damage, but would probably not have prevented all of the damage because there was no internal bracing for PC Boards to prevent it. Another way to insure no breakage is to remove the PC Boards from the front panel and wrap them up separately and reinstall them on the other side of shipping them – but MTU didn’t want me to do a setup, saying “we can handle it.” Yeah, right…

All of the parts that held the PC Board to the front panel were broken off and need to be replaced.

Two of the wire-wound potentiometers 3 toggle switches, 5 trimpots and half-a dozen spacers were broken off and need replacing.  About $110 worth of parts.

Not a total loss but it will need significant repairs that will take 2 or 3 days to complete and retest everything.

When the UPS driver handed it to me, we heard a rattle in the box. The UPS driver said if there was any damage to submit a claim, they’d send it to the shipper to get damages covered.  I’ll check it out, order parts and write up an invoice to get the damage fixed and get started designing the heater.

They did not return the main cables with it. It they’re pressing for a full refund, deduct $2,500 for the long test cable set.

Several phone calls and emails from Customs came in on Monday because MTU put a value of just under $10,000 on the shipment and Customs needed to know whose property it is, where it came from, where it’s going and what money was changing hands I hope that means MTU put some insurance on it - or was that just a number for Customs duty?

I told Customs that it was originally built in USA, will be fixed under warranty and sent back so they didn’t take issue with the shipment but I had to send them information in writing about the origin and why it was being shipped.

I should be able to get some money from the shipper (another $2,500 perhaps) for damage in shipment, I’ll let you know how that works out.

Because UPS said to document it, I took a video of unpacking it that shows how the boards were loose inside when it was opened.

There are also some pictures of the boards and parts, but they are not as indicative of the damage.



Here's the unpacking video: