The CFM56-3 test boxes that Woodward supplied had a standard configuration, showin in this picture.
CFM56-3 PMS Simulator Test Kit

And would have been accompanied with this set of documents:

01-1  PMC Operations Manual .pdf

01-2  Mainframe Drawings.pdf

02     General Test Module Description.pdf

03     Power Supply Module.pdf

04-1  Insulation Resistance Module.pdf

05-1  Metering Module Manual.pdf

05-2  Metering Module Drawings.pdf

06-1  Torque Motor Module Manual.pdf

06-2  Torque Motor Module Drawings.pdf

07-1 RVDT/LVDT Module Manual.pdf

07-2  RVDT/LDVT Module Drawings.pdf

08-1  Solenoid Manual .pdf

08-2  Solenoid Manual Drawings.pdf


CFM Cables.pdf

My first CFM56-3 test box was in a roll-around cart. A calibration procedure is included.

ATECo CFM56-3 Rollaround Test Cart

This file is stored as a Microsoft Word .doc file so it can be downloaded and modified as you wish.

Send me any changes you think appropriate and I'll incorporate them into this file.

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