Douglas J. Albright

3393 Eddie Road       

Winnebago, Illinois 61088

Ph:   815-335-1143


Entrepreneur with eclectic background, I started Actuation Test Equipment Company in 1993 to resurrect the Index Test Box project that was abandoned by both Woodward and GE Hydro. Today I'm seeking position with L&S Electric to help you with your project needs in field service and sales, and to introduce the ITB to your engineers for evaluation, acceptance and then incorporation into your turbine control systems.


Current projects:

Working with Brookfield Renewable Power to index test and optimize three Kaplan turbines in the Clergue power plant in Sault Ste Marie, Canada using by analyzing continuous data streams recorded by their system data logger. 6-months ago the engineering crew got called away to another plant for teardown of several units; they expect to be gone over a year.

Developing and producing Potential Transformer Interfaces for hydroelectric speed sensing.


Summary of Skills:   

Creating video documentation using Techsmith’s Camtasia video software from Techsmith. Here are three examples: Video1  Video2.   Video3

Computer programming in Visual Basic 6, Microsoft Word, Excel & PowerPoint, CAD, HTML and Internet website building (, relay ladder logic, assembly language for embedded microprocessors.

Index testing Kaplan turbines; developed a software program for unattended data collection and SteadyState analysis and detection of data that has been “proof of concept” tested by DOE and USACE on 3 occasions and deemed successful by government engineers.

Design, build and test analog and digital circuits and design and fabricate printed circuit boards for instrumentation and control systems.

Setup, calibrate and operate frequency response analyzers and other test instrumentation for steady-state and dynamic analysis of aircraft and hydroelectric dynamic control systems.

Setup, calibrate and operate electro-dynamic shakers/vibration equipment for environmental testing of aircraft fuel control system components.

Installation and instrumentation of sensors for force, acceleration, velocity, position, pressure, RPM, and strain gauges for stress/strain analysis.



2007 to present working on a hydroelectric turbine index-testing project with Brookfield Power in Sault Ste Marie to develop a means for unattended data collection at their Clergue power plant. Project suspended because Brookfield’s engineers have higher priority projects.

2005 Designed and built bleed valve test box for H +S Aviation in Portsmouth England.   

2004 Designed & built power lever schedule closed loop for Bedek/Israel Aviation Industries.

2004 Designed & built second ITB for Army Corps of Engineers on USACE contract#W9127N-04-D-0009 Project was successful. Government decided to copy the ITB design instead of buying the test boxes from me. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

2000 Built eight EK-217 single loop test boxes and six EK-217B dual closed loop test boxes for Allied Signal (now Honeywell Aircraft Engine Systems and Controls)

1999 Designed and built analog PID closed loop test box for CFM-56 for United Airlines.

1999 Designed and built fully-functional analog PID closed loop and solenoid driver test boxes for CFM-56 & F-16 type hydromechanical fuel controls, sold to Bedek/Israel Aviation Industries.  Designed, built and shipped PID closed loop for fuel control test stand power level schedules. (I still exchange Christmas and Hanukkah cards with the Director of Quality Management every year).

1994 Designed and built analog PID closed loop test box with solenoid drivers for Rolls Royce/BMW BR700 test stand for Rolls Royce Engine Company in Darby, England.

1994 Designed and built single-channel EK-217 analog PID closed loop boxes for Honeywell AS-907 fuel control test stands for Honeywell in South Bend.

1994 Designed and built analog front-end for PLC railroad car braking test box “Jim Shoe” for Inter-Swiss Ltd.

1992 Designed and built microprocessor control system for hydraulic multiplex valve for Woodward’s HMUX project.

1987 Invented and received patent #4,794,544 for the Index Test Box while working at Woodward Governor and published an article in Hydro Review magazine about it.



A. S. Electronics Rock Valley Junior College, Rockford Illinois, 8/71

Continuing Education while in USAF:

Calculus (4 semesters) University of Puget Sound, Tacoma WA. 1974

Engineering Physics, 1 semester Tacoma Community College, Tacoma WA. 1974

Continuing Education while working at Woodward Governor:

General Chemistry with qualitative analysis, Rock Valley Jr. College 1981

Linear Algebra, Rock Valley College, 1981

English composition, 2 semesters, Rock Valley Jr. College 1981

University of Illinois EECS 360 Control Theory 1984



1993 to present - Actuation Test Equipment Company Owner/Operator, designing and building Index Test Box for Kaplan turbines and various control and instrument test equipment for aircraft and hydroelectric systems.

July 1978 to May 1993 - Woodward Governor Company Rockford Illinois as Aircraft Development Lab technician, vibration technician, instrumentation and frequency response technician, designed and built prototype Index Test Box for hydro division.

March 1978 to August 1978 Hampton products, Rockford Illinois as supervisor of PCB fabrication department.

September 1972 to September 1978 USAF (SAC, AFCS) Rank at discharge: E5. Good conduct and USAF Commendation medals. Top Secret Clearance with EBI. Radio repairman for SLFCS, HF, VHF and UHF Radio equipments.


Patents, Copyrights, Published Articles:

1988-12-27 U.S. Patent# 4,794,544.pdf (Albright & George Mittendorf)

2004-07-04 TX 6-006-161 ITB Software Copyright (Albright)



1987-06 Little Black Box for Index Testing (Albright)

2008-06 Testing Time for Kaplans (Albright)