Von: Ebner, David A NWP
Gesendet: Mi 25.01.2006 12:19
An: Wittinger, Rodney J NWP; Ramirez, Dan E NWP
Cc: Sheldon, Lee H NWP
Betreff: RE: Program with all fixes in ToDo List.



            I understood Ed was removed from the team in favor of Showin. 


How can we get an objective assessment from the very fellow who is advocating killing the project in favor of one he will work on?  He has proven his continuing hostility by not giving complete answers – i.e., compatibility, to hide the truth from decision-makers.


            Gee guys, the Conflict of Interest is straightforward on this one.  Ed should be out of the loop.  Period.

            Please remove him or have his work reviewed by someone else.  Anything less is patently unfair.


       David Ebner, Contracting Officer

         Army Corps of Engineers, Portland, OR

         (503) 808-4611, fax-4605


        "The Best Information Leads to Success"


From: Wittinger, Rodney J NWP
Sent: Monday, January 23, 2006 12:22 PM
DudleyDevices@aol.com; Ramirez, Dan E NWP
Cc: Sheldon, Lee H NWP; Ebner, David A NWP
Subject: AW: Program with all fixes in ToDo List.


All, please get to Ed Miska for his concurance.  Let's make sure the team agrees.   Thanks Rod