From: Murphy,Thomas R - PGF-6 []
Sent: Thursday, June 08, 2006 10:01 AM
To: Nelson, Richard E NWP; Wittinger, Rodney J NWP; Miska, Edward P NWP; Earlywine, Kenneth G NWP; Sheldon, Lee H NWP; vanderBorg, Robert D NWP
Cc: Jones,Mark A - PGF-6
Subject: Contract in-house for T1
Importance: High


We discussed at last HOT mtg the possibility for bringing help on board to work on T1.

  1. HDC will investigate assembling an appropriate in-house/hired contractor team to develop the generic ITB via a method analogous to GDACS.  Deliverable will be a proposal for a future HOT meeting which could be an alternative to advertising the generic ITB solicitation being developed in 8 above. 


Because of the OMB investigation into the ITB contract our legal people have advised us not to do it this way. It might look like to much of a sole source with a compeitor (ACSI)  that has been named in the investigation. I'm sorry about having to go at it the long way-not a perfect world. I guess we should proceed with the spec as quickly as we can.